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Youth General Program

The General Program is committed to providing a strong technical foundation while fostering creativity and artistry within all individuals. We invite our students to discover the benefits and joy of dance within a welcoming and non-competitive atmosphere. 

Dance can be an amazing way to support physical and mental well-being, and can offer wonderful skills that will enhance the students lives inside and outside the studio. Our youth classes are designed to support children and teens in their developmental stage. We always strive to create a positive environment where we can attend to the needs of the individual and of the class.


We have a fantastic community of dancers here and we'd love to welcome you and your family to it. Classes run from September through May, and the season finishes off with an exciting performance featuring our youth General Program students!


"The School of Contemporary Dancers has been an absolute gem for my family. They offer classes for all ages, creating this fantastic atmosphere for learning.

My daughter's dance journey began when she turned 4, and my initial worry about her being the youngest in the class melted away thanks to the incredibly kind dance instructor and assistants. They not only nurtured her confidence but also made the entire learning process a joy. Over the past 7 years, each moment at this school has been a cherished memory for us.

Beyond dance skills, my daughter has grown in concentration, listening, and following instructions. We can't express enough gratitude to the school for their hard work and dedication.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!"

Darlyne Lanticse-Rufino

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