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Adult General Program

We offer a variety of classes for our adult dancers. From beginner to advanced classes, we have something to suit your needs.

Our adult dancers often have busy lives and, in signing up for classes, they carve out a special time for themselves. We recognize the significance of this and always strive to create a positive environment where we can attend to the needs of the individual and of the class. We have a wonderful community of dancers here and we'd love to welcome you to it.

Classes run on weeknights from September through May, and the season finishes off with a performance featuring our adult General Program classes. If you would like to try a drop-in to start, we offer drop-ins before winter break. 

"I have been taking dances classes at SCD’s general program for about 7 years and I have loved every minute of my dance experience there. I have tried just about every dance style the school offers, and although contemporary dance is my favourite, I like all other styles too, including tap, hip hop, jazz, Nafro technique, contemporary hop,  ballet, etc. The teachers all have a beautiful spirit of inclusion in addition to a wealth of knowledge that is inspiring. I love how every dancer is celebrated and supported to their best potential. I have learned to move and express myself in ways I didn’t know I could. SCD has become a significant part of my own balance and well-being in life. I’m always happy to come to class and learn in such a positive, fun and supportive environment. The year- end performance they organize for all the dance students is fun as we all feel celebrated as a group as well as in our own unique ways, and combined with weekly classes, I feel I have gained much in terms of confidence, happiness, and physical dance related fitness."

Nathalie Piquemal

Class Schedule

2023/2024 General Program Adult Classes




Contemp Hop*

with Julious

NAfro (Contemporary African) Technique** with Julious



Hip Hop**

with Reymark


Advanced Contemporary

with Becky


Intermediate Tap

with Sienna



Intermediate Lyrical

with Sontje


Advanced Tap

with Thomas


Intermediate Ballet

with Amanda



Intermediate Contemporary

with Robyn


Intro Contemporary

with Brooke



Intermediate Jazz

with Robyn

Intro Ballet

with Amanda


Brazillian Beat**

with Amanda 

**Open to students of all levels 

*Intermediate level class

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